We cannot so what we do without the help of our supporters. From their generous donations of time and money, to the running of our programs, each supporter expands our reach and multiplies our resources.

Now, we are inviting you to be a Cinta Baca supporter too. How can you help?


Make a monthly or one-time donation.
With your donation, you can help provide new books every month to an elementary school or rural reading post, help keep the reading posts running and provide training to school teachers and village volunteers.



We have a small team, and that’s why we need volunteers. Every little bit you can give us helps us tremendously. Whether it’s 2 hours of your time every weekend or 3 hours every evening… everyone is welcome! We have projects and work for you.

Or you could spend a semester interning with us to learn more about literacy and community work and gain credit hours for this.

And if you’re incredibly busy nearly every day, there’s still something that you can do to help us: raising awareness for our programs, vision and needs with your personal network of family, friends and colleagues via social media.

Contact us if you share our vision and goals and want to be a part of it.