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Introducing Cinta Baca TV!

Cinta Baca is rapidly expanding its online resources to extend its reach beyond the areas where Cinta Baca has a physical presence. Now, many of our programs are available to be freely accessed wherever you may be. The resources are for children, parents, teachers, students… in short, anyone with an interest in literacy. 

Najwa Shihab’s visit to Cinta Baca Medan 

Besides being a TV personality, Najwa Shihab was also an Indonesian Literacy Ambassador (2016-2020). Najwa Shihab visited the Cinta Baca Library in Medan on March 16, 2017 as part of her role as a Literacy Ambassador, visiting various libraries and reading posts in North Sumatra. 

Testimony of a Cinta Baca Reading Post Volunteer 

Located in Tanjung Morawa, North Sumatra, this dedicated volunteer shares how she runs a Cinta Baca Reading Post in her village, and why she thinks the Cinta Baca programs are important. 

Our Stories

Pak Sigit From Cileungsi

January 12th, 2022|0 Comments

Sigit lives not far from Cinta Baca Cileungsi, West Java. He always comes to the library to read and borrow books. “I’ve loved reading since college. My favourite are novels and biography books. I always [...]

Pamengkang Village Reading Post

November 17th, 2021|0 Comments

Cinta Baca in West Java opened its 23rd library in the Pamengkang village, Cirebon. The reading post is located at a tutoring house. During the opening, the village head, Kosasih, felt grateful for the opening of [...]

Althafunizar from Aceh

October 13th, 2021|0 Comments

Althafunizar comes to Cinta Baca in Aceh three times a week with his bother and sister to attend the Cinta Baca tutoring class. After the class is over he will stay in the library until [...]

Library Relocation

October 13th, 2021|0 Comments

The Mandala Kids reading post in Palembang was relocated to a new location in Tugu Nanas, about one hour from the previous reading post on July 23rd. “We have to relocate the library because the [...]

Handphones and the Internet, Useful or Dangerous?

October 13th, 2021|0 Comments

During the tenth meeting of the Cinta Baca parents meeting, the participants at Ciherang, West Java learned about “Handphones and the Internet, Useful or Dangerous?”. After the meeting, one of the participants, Yuliani, said that [...]




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