Our Team

Cinta Baca has an amazing team of full-time staff that tirelessly work to implement our vision. They are highly-dedicated and motivated to help communities throughout Indonesia, wherever we have libraries and reading posts. The team is 100% Indonesian. For this reason they understand the challenges that Indonesia faces and are able to implement programs appropriate to each region.

How We Do It

Cinta Baca works closely with local governments, boards of education, local communities, teachers, students, volunteers, and donors. We involve our volunteers and donors in almost every aspect of our programs, from being in charge of programs to bringing teams of donors to visit our libraries and village reading posts where they also run some of the programs. A great deal of coordinated effort is involved with each of our regional libraries. But all the hard work is worthwhile when we see the impact that we have made in the community.

Our Governance

Right form the beginning, Cinta Baca set up an external Board of Directors made up of leaders from the community and outside advisors. This Board constantly works together to set the direction as well as provide oversight and financial management of the organization.